Day 7. Dog days

twiggy plateWhat is the raw equivalent of cooking up a storm?

I blended up a monsoon? I dehydrated up a drought? I sliced up a tsunami?

I’ll have to work on that! Suggestions are welcome.

Whatever the appropriate analogy, wait, metaphor (?) is – I can’t remember which is which, I’ll have to look it up – I did it yesterday, I prepared copious amounts of raw food. Oh, and by the way, cooking up a storm is an idiom, not a metaphor. I’m sure you’ll rest easy now, knowing that!

I was supposed to be going to a fundraiser last night, a trivia night boat cruise down the Yarra. It sounded so fun and for a great cause; Farmdogz rescue. (Check out their website They are a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation specialising in saving working breed dogs, such as the iconic kelpie, from death row pounds and shelter.)

It was to be my first night out on my raw challenge. I made choc-coconut nut balls, raw cheesecake, and even the king of raw dishes, Rawsagna.

Rawsagna, as the name suggests is the raw version of lasagna. It’s hard to imagine a more incongruent concept than lasagna made entirely from raw veggies. What is lasagne if not a heady mix of pasta and cheesy sauce? Like most raw foods though, it’s surprisingly tasty.

You might notice I said, I was SUPPOSED to go to this fun, floating trivia night, suggesting something went awry. Hence the photo of my dog Twiggy above and not the planned photo of me cavorting with the girls at a table full of delicious raw treaties.

Instead I took a very sick little doggy to the vet to discover she had acute pancreatitis. The vet admitted her and put her on a drip. There were tearful scenes as I left my little girl behind to be tested and treated. She’s a very special member of our family, is Twiggy. Fortunately she responded well to treatment and is now in a doped out state on her favourite armchair.

Ah well. The best laid plans. It did make me think that maybe Twiggy needs to go raw. Pancreatitis is usually caused by eating too much fat, probably scraps around the BBQ at the park in Twiggy’s case.

Making food, with music playing and the sun streaming into my little kitchen, was actually a perfect way to spend the hours of waiting to hear about Twiggy’s prognosis. It soothed me. And now I have enough food prepared for the entire weekend. Got to be happy with that!

So today’s recipe is my favourite version of Rawsagna so far. Hope you like it. I think the nut crumbles on top just make it da bomb!

rawsagne 1


(adapted from recipe in this month’s Nourish Magazine

2 small zucchini sliced thin lengthways

10 field mushrooms sliced thin

tomato sauce (see below)

nut pesto (see below)

nut crumbles (see below)

Tomato sauce

1 clove garlic

1 cup semi-dried tomatoes

1 tomato

4 pitted dates

1 tsp chopped oregano, bay leaf and thyme

Blend ingredients in food processor to make a paste

Nut pesto

1 clove garlic

1 bunch basil leaves

1/3 cup water

Juice from ½ lemon

½ cup mixed nuts

Blend ingredients in food processor to make a paste

Nut Crumbles

1 cup mixed nuts

1 tsp oregano, thyme

1 tbsp Braggs sauce

Blend ingredients in food processor until look like coarse crumbs


Place a layer of zucchini slices in a square dish. Top with a layer of tomato sauce, a layer of mushrooms, then a layer of nut pesto. Repeat for 3 layers. Refrigerate for an hour. Remove and slice and serve with walnut crumbles.


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