Day 10. Stream of consciousness

healthy snack guaca pestoI don’t even know what to call today’s post. If you’re reading this I guess I have named it and published it, but right now I’m just going with stream of consciousness. Just my raw (geddit?), unadulterated thoughts. Something will emerge, hopefully (for your sake)…

I couldn’t even decide on a picture, or what food to use. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m cut out for blogging business. Is this normal to be so… blank? At least I have the food to fall back on (not literally!) So I’m starting with my super healthy snack and finishing with cheesecake for dessert.

Maybe a few observations from my raw journey thus far. Consider me the Dian Fossey of raw cuisine. Your experiential guide.

I miss crunchy things. Not crunchy like vegetables, but crunchy like crackers or roasted nuts. I had a play with my oven on a very low temperature and slowly “dehydrated” some nuts. By the way, how unappetisizing does that sound? Dehydrated. I think if raw needs a makeover or some PR work, that word should be the first to go. It just means heating at a super-low heat – under 115 degrees F. Surely there’s a better, more enticing term. I can’t think of one right now, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure if the temperature was low enough, maybe the raw police will bust in and confiscate them (my nuts), but they took about 4 hours to get crunchy, so they certainly were not fast cooking. I also bought some raw crackers (at vast expense). This would be my first pre-prepared raw food I’ve bought so far.

They (the crackers) looked so good and crunchy, cracker-crunchy, like I was craving. I have to say they were a bit disappointing, the texture was great but they needed some seasoning. Still I made a delicious guacamole/pesto dip and some crudités from the most delicious organic dutch carrots I have ever tasted. And some pretty darn tasty organic broccoli. (See I’m following my own advice, buying carrots and broccoli organically grown).

I’m a self-confessed snacker. Love my snacks. I miss after dinner popcorn (home-made of course, not that evil microwave stuff). There’s a recipe for dehydrated (that word, I can’t stand it, it makes the food sound all dried up and wrinkly!) cauliflower popcorn, which does sound a little unappealing but I bet it tastes great. I’ll put it on the wish list. Meanwhile, here’s the dip recipe.

Guacamole/pesto dip

1/2 cup cashews

1/2 cup almonds

1 cup baby spinach

1/2 cup basil leaves

1 clove garlic

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp Braggs sauce

Pepper to taste

1/2 avocado

Blend in food processor until mostly smooth. Serve with raw crackers and/or crudités.

I ate the aforementioned snack before I took my son out to dinner. We were going to his favourite Chinese restaurant so I knew it would be slim pickings for me. After dinner we shared his new favourite raw dessert, “cheesecake” with berries. I use the choc-coco nut balls recipe (from yesterday) as the base and the topping is like ice-cream after it’s been in the freezer for a while. maybe I should rename it Cheesecake Ice-cream Cake, that sounds so delish, and it really it delish. Trust me, a 12 year old told me so.

Cheesecake Ice-cream Cake with berries


Choc-coco nut balls recipe from Day 9


¾ cup cashews

¾ cup macadamias

1 cup dates

1 vanilla pod

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 cup water

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tsp stevia

1 tsp mixed spice

Press choc-coco nut base into lined spring form pan.

Blend filling, spoon onto base. Freeze for at least 2 hours. Thaw slightly before serving topped with berries.

cheesecake berries


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