Day 17. What’s for brekky?

day 17 brekky

My friend asked me to post some brekky recipes. To be honest I’m so in love with green smoothies that’s all I’ve had for breakfast since about day 4. But I am a big fan of breakfast and I’m sure at some stage I’ll tire of green smoothies and want more.

An easy raw breakfast is just sliced fruit and nuts. I like to slice a banana, add some dried coconut, walnuts, seeds, and berries. It’s quick and delicious. You can choose whatever seasonal fruit you like to mix it up a bit.

Traditionally, I have always been a porridge and muesli girl. I think if truth be told I like my breakfast to resemble pudding. So crunchy or warm oats with fruits and nuts is right up my alley.

I love breakfast, I usually wake up hungry and have to bribe myself to go for a run before I eat. There was a time in my life where I breakfasted on black coffee and cigarettes – yuck! Now I crave wholesome filling food, something to keep me satiated until lunch, because watch out everyone if I get too hungry and cranky at work.

You wouldn’t think my job would be stressful, but being a librarian means I deal with all sorts of people with all kinds of needs. There are some pretty trippy people out there in the world and many of the terminally quirky call the library their home. I really love working in the community but it takes stamina and the patience of a saint some days. So I do not need to skimp on breakfast.

I went in search of raw breakfast recipes and bonanza! There’s so much out there. Check out this site for ideas:

I decided to try a buckwheat cereal. This is a combo based on my favourite recipe and whatever ingredients I had at home. The great part is when you blend the ingredients they get a bit warm, so it’s really like eating porridge. Buckwheat, Apple, Walnut Porridge

Raw Buckwheat, Apple, Nut Porridge
Serves 4

1 cup raw buckwheat
1 cup raw mixed nuts
2 green apples, chopped
1 orange, juice
1/2 tsp ground mixed spice
1/2 vanilla pod



Place buckwheat and nuts in two separate bowls, cover with water and let soak for at least 1 hour (can leave soaking overnight). Rinse and drain. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.

Top with fresh berries, fruit, nuts, coconut, dried fruit or whatever you have at home that sounds yummy.


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