Day 60. Chakra dancing or what happens when you drink the mega energy-boosting, get-up-and-go, oh-here’s-my-mojo, cacao green, yeah-baby smoothie (if you dare!)


I’m on Day 4 of my green smoothie cleanse. I have to say after drinking an entire jug of choc-berry smoothie on Tuesday afternoon, I was full of beans well into the evening. It was perfect timing as my Chakradance DVD ( had arrived in the mail that day, and for once I wasn’t too exhausted to feel like dancing.

I followed the instructions which suggested dancing in a candlelit room with your eyes closed. The DVD guides the dancer through the 7 dances, one for each chakra, with a meditation as the beginning and a mandala drawing at the end.

I lit candles and burned essential oils and frankincense, so the room had a lovely hazy, transcendent feel to it. I cleared the physical space so I could dance freely without bumping into furniture.

This picture above is my mandala. As instructed before I started dancing I prepared by drawing a circle on a page and leaving a selection of coloured crayons so I could draw whatever I felt like after the dance.

The idea is to express visually what comes up during the dance as a way of self-expression after the experience, which is designed to stimulate the chakric energies. It was dim in the room and I could hardly see what colours I was choosing, but it was a visualisation of how I felt after the dance – which was pretty damn good!

The whole experience was really peaceful and beautiful, and I felt a difference in my energy levels and sense of serenity the next day. I’m looking forward to trying it out with my friends.

The savoury smoothie experiment continues. Below is yesterday’s attempt.

Look, the smoothies are getting better. but I’m still not happy enough with the result to share a recipe yet. I think the secret is not too many veggies and lots of fresh herbs and an avocado to give it a creamy texture.

veg smoothieI did discover this blog with lots of savoury smoothie ideas, so I’ll keep trying and in the meantime there’s plenty of recipes here for anyone who is really keen to try them.

In the meantime, I decided my cacao smoothies, with their superior energy boosting qualities, were far better suited to morning consumption. I made this one this morning. My son was keen to try it after seeing the photos of my choc-berry smoothie, so I left out the seeds and the maca powder and gave him some before adding those ingredients in, and he loved it. An easy, nutritious and delicious breakfast for us both! It’s the Willy Wonka brand of parenting, just hide those green leafies in chocolate!

choc berry smoothie

The mega energy-boosting, get-up-and-go, oh-here’s-my-mojo, cacao green, yeah-baby smoothie

(Serves 2)

1/2 cup chopped paw paw

3/4 cup frozen raspberries

1 banana

1 pink lady apple chopped

1 pear chopped

1 avocado

2 cups chard leaves

2 tbsp cacao

3 tsp sweetener (agave, maple syrup)

2 tsp maca powder

1 tbsp flaxseeds

1 tbsp pepitas

2 cups coconut water

1 cup water

Blend until smooth, drink and pump up the music, you’ll have the urge to move your feet after this baby!


About msrawmojo

Writer, Chakradance facilitatrice, bibliophile, lover of art, music and nature. Believer in the fundamental goodness of humanity. Member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and currently undertaking studies in Contemporary Shamanism and reiki.

2 responses to “Day 60. Chakra dancing or what happens when you drink the mega energy-boosting, get-up-and-go, oh-here’s-my-mojo, cacao green, yeah-baby smoothie (if you dare!)

  1. Looking forward to dancing with you tomorrow. I just bought some new crayons and pencils x

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